Because you’re so ready to make BOSS moves & stop the 'busyness' of running your business!


You know how to get clients, but now you're trying to figure out how to stop them from running your life. Literally.


  • You’re a coach with a really successful business. Maybe you just posted on Instagram that you’re fully booked out for the next few months, exciting right?! Until that bank balance also stays put and you’re wondering how you even got there?
  • You used to have a life outside your business, and you can't remember when you last took a break from your business!
  • Even though you're hitting those income goals, the overwhelm of wearing all the hats and living in constant burnout is weighing heavy on your well-being & maybe even your relationships.
  • You know that you need to scale, hire a team & be the CEO in your business, everyone in your mastermind of biz friends keeps saying it.

But these three things are holding you back:


You want to give your clients an amazing customized experience, but you end up spending half the time on admin work and that's exhausting.


You are thick in the weeds, all day, everyday, and you are still about that DIY life because you’re not sure that anyone else can do things the way you do it.


You've tried to hire a team so you could stay focussed on what you do best, but without proper systems & structure, it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

Sound familiar?

That’s why I’ve created Solo to CEO, a 4-hour one-on-one intensive to redesign your business setup, align it to your vision and create a systems strategy to execute your vision. This high-touch program is for female coaches and consultants who are ready to scale their revenue, serve more clients while creating their version of a freedom-aligned business, and systems are going to be critical to getting these results.

If you want support on getting task management and systems management in place, I cannot recommend Rebecca enough!

Fiona - Influencer Coach, @itsfinallyfiona


It's not easy to see what your business could look like with the right structure & systems, when you are stuck in the day-to-day hustle and chaos.

So let me help you visualize what a picture of success could look like after a VIP Day with me:


  • You're completely booked out, & that's put a hold on your income
  • You are juggling so many balls, you're pretty sure one (or many) are going to fall anytime from now
  • You know your clients could have a better experience if you were just more organized
  • You tried to hire but it was a complete disaster without systems or structure in place
  • You are borderline resenting those all-day client calls, because you have no time for anything outside of business
  • You are drowning in paperwork & to-do's and it's taking a toll on your well-being and relationships


  • You are completely clear on the systems and processes your business needs to grow your profits
  • You can handle more clients and finally get over the income plateau that you didn't see coming
  • You are in love with your business again, because everything runs soo smoothly
  • You feel confident to leave your business in your team's hands and not come back to chaos
  • You can easily hire & effectively delegate those pesky tasks you don’t like doing because you have the processes & structure to do so
  • You don’t even remember what burnout feels or looks like & you can take that well deserved time off

I feel more confident about my systems and the tech for my business after our time together. Thank you so so much!

Annie - Life Coach, @annieplanninglady



A 4 hour virtual transformative experience!

$997 upfront or payable in two monthly instalments

A one-on-one intensive to redesign your business setup, align it to your vision and create a systems setup plan to execute your vision.

This high-touch program is for female coaches and consultants who are ready to scale their revenue, serve more clients while creating their version of a freedom-aligned business. If this sounds like you, systems are going to be critical to getting these results!

It's about time to unlock freedom & scale your business!

Rebecca helped me think through my business in an all-rounded holistic way. She helped me to cut down my learning time of new systems and tools, with the resources and support from her program. Joining her coaching program was one of the best decisions I made for my business.”

Gakii, Financial Wellness Coach, @thefinancialtherapistafrica

How is Solo to CEO different to all the other programs you've been looking at of late?

Unlike other VIP Days, I don’t just give you a strategy and leave you to figure out what it means for your business.

We create a plan to set up your systems (in 60 days or less if you want us to do it for you) and get on the freedom path asap. We uncover the BTS of your business, and help you reorganize your digital workspace so you never have to feel a sense of anxiety when someone says the work "backend".

Unlike those courses that may be collecting digital dust because you couldn’t figure out how to make it relevant to the real problems in your business, you get what your business needs & you get the clear path to getting to where you want your business to go, without having to work 12-hour days to get there.

We leave no questions in your mind about what kind of structure you need, which tools are best for your business, or who you should be hiring next to support your vision.

I needed a coach to guide me and Rebecca delivered faultlessly. Rebecca introduced me to systems and the use of systems to run, scale and grow my buusiness.

With the right systems in place, my overwhelm and burnout are out the window. I look forward to continuing to work with Rebecca as I build and scale my coaching business

Fath Liz - Career Coach, @theframedsolutions

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • A full systems audit of your business day-to-day operations
  • A complete systems setup plan that is completely aligned with the long-term vision of how you want your business to operate
  • A framework to use over and over whenever setting up a new system in your business
  • Clarity on the areas in your business that require outsourcing
  • The confidence to hire and delegate effectively
  • The tools to look through the gaps in your client and operations processes, and refine them as your business continues to evolve
  • So much more time freed up to serve more clients
  • A complete operations framework to support your team in carrying out their tasks
  • No guilt or revenue lost in taking a week off from your business


  • We get clear on the ideal structure of your business that will support your vision. We cast the vision and then tailor your systems to match what your ideal business & day looks like.
  • We define the processes that will make your systems work. Systems don’t just work on their own, you as the CEO need to articulate what you want them to do.
  • We map out the systems that your business needs to put those processes into full gear, with a strong focus on task, team & client management and anything else that’s a massive time suck
  • We create a clear systems setup plan that is designed to scale your revenue and support you & your team in getting ready for massive growth...minus the burnout


Don’t go another month without getting the support you need from someone who knows the ins and outs of what a streamlined business looks & feels like!

You could either stay where you are, wearing all the hats, juggling all the balls, or get the support you need to break the ceiling that's been holding you back and take your rightful place as the CEO in your business!

Special Bonuses!

I love giving my clients so much more than what they signed up for! Here are the juicy bonuses you'll get with Solo to CEO:

  • A FULL SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP so you know which systems you need to focus on creating and optimizing for the next 3-6 months
  • FULL CLIENT PROCESS MAP & WORKFLOW for one service offering, all that's left is to put it in your CRM!
  • 4 DOCUMENTED SOPs to help you manage your critical tasks, teams & clients like a BOSS
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the VIP replay
  • TASK & SYSTEMS AUDIT MATRIX to identify the quick wins for automating & delegating like a boss
  • 30 DAYS VOXER & ASANA SUPPORT to get all the support you need to set up your foundational systems
  • 10 DONE-FOR-YOU TEMPLATES to set up in your Asana workspace & get organized for good!

And hey, if you know you want to step into your CEO role real quick (because CEOs know they shouldn’t be doing everything themselves), we can set up your Done-For-You customized system setup package too!

Maybe you're asking yourself, well, Rebecca I know I need systems but I don't have the time?

Let's have a mini pep-talk because you are never going to have the time! You are going to have to make the time!

And quick question: Can you continue going full steam at the rate you are going for the next 5 years straight without burning out? Either this or your business will outgrow the time you have available for it.

So if you really want growth that can last for years, systems are not an option, they are a must-have!

Either way, as the CEO of your business you shouldn't have to figure the ins and outs of your systems so let me help you do that!

And just who am I?

I'm a Systems & Automations expert, and my mission is to show you what's possible with the right foundational systems for your business.

I really want to help you burnout-proof and unlock freedom in your business, whatever that looks like for you!

I have helped women around the world with systems frameworks and setups, and the tech in-between, enabling them to be ahead of their growth curve, focus on CEO-level activities and create more white space for them to thrive without sacrificing the things that matter the most to them.

I am a mom of 3 including twins, and I can proudly say that the only way I've been able to fully set up and run two successful online businesses alongside my high-pressure corporate job

Working in the largest global audit firm has also given me the corporate experience to understand what a properly structured and functioning organization looks like, and I bring this experience with me in my client support & offerings.

I am a Qualified Actuary with a knack for anything that can be put on a spreadsheet (you should see my holiday planning spreadsheets 😛).

Fast Facts:

  • Qualified actuary, practicing at the largest global audit firm with 10+ years of consulting experience
  • Proud mom of 3 including twins
  • Online business owner for 5+ years
  • Founder of ‘Solo to CEO’ Podcast & Community on Facebook for Female Coaches & Consultants
  • Creator of the 4A Automation Method and ‘Solo to CEO’ Framework

Apply to get your VIP Day, and you'll get:

  • Full systems audit of your business day-to-day operations
  • 4-hour intensive session with a complete systems setup plan that is completely aligned with the long-term vision of how you want your business to operate
  • Framework to use over and over whenever setting up a new system
  • Full client process map & workflow for one service offering
  • Task & Systems audit matrix
  • So much more time freed up to serve more clients
  • No guilt or revenue lost in taking a week off from your business


Here are a few answers to the common asked questions

This is exactly what you need to free up your time, let your systems run your business so you can focus on being the CEO. This is as much a time investment as it is a money investment, but it's even better! Not only do you get back more time by setting up the right foundational systems in your business, you also make more money because you capacity to serve more clients & give them a better experience.

That's why signing up for this VIP Day is one of the best CEO decisions you'll make. I'll handle the tech so you can focus on your zone of genius!

Sure, drop me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram at @thisisrebeccakay.

Absolutely not. You make the decisions, I make the recommendations. We do have a preference to specific tools when it comes to our done-for-you service, and you'll have all the info by then as to whether they will work for you and your business needs.

You could pay upfront or in 3 monthly instalments.

I am always open to hearing you out, and you will have full access to me on Voxer to get all the support you need to scale your business with the right foundational systems!


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